Sales Dashboard The challenge of this project was to create an impactful interface to show sales performance, provide easy access to the three key business areas (system, store and site) and solve a serious communication problem pointed out by the users.

Visual impact

The first requirement of the project was to create an interface with a high visual impact. The impact was achieved through simple, modern graphics and with strong and striking colors.

The easy access to key business areas, which was another requirement, was achieved through a thin fixed bar at the top of the interface.

Below, menu and chat are enabled. The chat module was implemented to further improve the relationship between the members of the sales team.

Keep me informed

A constant complaint from users was that the system was constantly changing and these changes were not communicated clearly.

The solution was to create three ways to display notifications to ensure that the user was kept informed:

First: A modal with the most important communications. The modal is also triggered when the user clicks on any item in the "Notifications" card.

Second: Insertion of a bell icon located on the top bar, which also shows the amount of notifications that have not yet been seen. Clicking the icon opens a flyout with the last five notifications.

Third: Creation of a card with the last five notifications inside the dashboard.

In the second version, the process is transparent. The user can make reviews without registering. If you like the experience, you'll save the review - and sign up :)

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