Review places you have lived in Redesigning the platform, the challenge was to make it more user-friendly, interactive and increase the quality of the reviews.


In the second version of the project, in addition to properties, it is also possible to review condos, neighborhoods, cities and countries from any part of the world, making the interface more complex to be used. The drafts are perfect to give an overview of the kind of problem I would face.


I drew tons of wireframes to figure out the best way to interact with system users. How could I encourage them to use the system and feel happy at the end of the process? At this stage of the project, the best answer to this question was a partial gamification.

Registration flow

Thinking about user experience, the registration flow is one of the most important steps. In the first version of the project, the user could only fill the review form after logging into the system, which resulted in many registrations but few reviews.

In the second version, the process is transparent. The user can make reviews without registering. If you like the experience, you'll save the review - and sign up :)

UI Design

I decided to use the Material Design Lite framework for this project, so the user interface design was inspired by the Material Design concept and focused on mobile devices.

Gamification elements

I´ve created these badges to reward users every time they make a certain amount of points. The more items are rated and reviewed, the more points and better badges the user earns.

Visit and do a review :)

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