logos, graphics and stories

I just love creating logos because they represents the essence of a company, service or product. Few professionals have the privilege of working on something so special.

Carreira Play

The symbol is a large letter C with a central play icon. The graphics formed by 3/4 of a circle represents the letter C of Career and the external circular lines cheerful and colorful represent the diversity of segments and areas of companies that will disclose their content on the video platform. Motion design and identity manual:


INPE - National Institute For Space Research - Brazil - The logo for the Cyclops (Cyclotron Emission of Polars) project was based on the diagram used in the Polar Project calculations and refers to the mythological Cyclops. The elements form an eye through the junction of two curved graphs representing the flow of matter.

Visa Waiver Now

Braztoa - Brazilian Tour Operators Association - Visa Waiver Now was a coordinated initiative of BRAZTOA, to inform and mobilize professionals and consumers about the benefits of visa flexibility for Brazilian and North American tourists.


The goal of redesigning the Mazzatech company logo was to transform the brand into something descriptive and easily identifiable. Some elements such as the upper sphere (representing people) and colors were kept to better adapt to the new identity.

La Luna

The design of this logo involved some research to meet the briefing - It needs to have a vintage appearance to show the idea of tradition. Elements such as the moon, and commodities marketed in the grocery store were also inserted into the art.


The main characteristic of this project is to show, above all, safety. The main shape of the logo is a road warning sign. The center circle represents a vehicle. The waves around represents an electronic fence and the total protection that the service offers.

From the waves, graphics were created to represent the pillars of the company: Flexibility, creativity, focus, agility, simplicity and connectivity.


The office offers several services and the way to represent this amount of services was the chameleon. At the same time that the company is mutant, the goal that needs to be achieved is represented by the eyes of the chameleon.


UX/UI Design

Sales Dashboard

Powerfull interface to show sales performance, easy access to the three key business areas and a solved communication problem.

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UX/UI Design

Real State Review

Jamorei is a guide of properties, condos, neighborhoods, cities and countries made by residents and former residents.

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UI - User Interface Design

Mobile First Ecommerce

As simple as that. This private ecommerce was created to be easy handled in an objective way, like the desktop version.

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Logos, graphics and stories

Collection of some logo designs and concepts developed in recent years.

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